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Equine Rosehip Vital

Equine Rosehip Vital

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Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and with high levels of vitamin C for immune system support as well as your horse’s joint health, skin health, and coat quality. Made from rosehips manufactured with patented processes, Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, protect cartilage, improve general health and improve performance.

This patented formula is 100% natural and plant-based and backed by more than 30 scientific studies, including 9 clinical trials.

Why your horse benefits from it:

► Reduces joint inflammation and improves mobility as well as prevention of joint problems
Immune system support with Vitamin C
► Promotes general health and well-being
► Plant based and non swabbable
► Improves skin or hoof quality
► Can gently stimulate appetite 

Recommendations from Arktos:
While it can be used on its own, we recommend the use of a chondroprotectant (supplements that slow the wear of cartilage) in combination with Rosehip Vital for our arthritic friends to help slow the progression of arthritis even further eg. 4cyte granules or liquid.

Use in pregnant and lactating animals is not recommended as safety has not been established.
If there are any adverse effects after starting Rose Hip Vital, stop immediately and seek veterinary advice.

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