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Farrier's Formula Double Strength

Farrier's Formula Double Strength

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Farrier's Formula® Double Strength is a pelleted hoof supplement that provides nutrients essential for healthy growth of hooves and coat. It provides building blocks including phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and important amino acid “protein building blocks” in the correct ratios for a strong and healthy foundation. These nutrients are provided at twice the concentration compared to original Farrier's Formula®.

Farrier's Formula® has had over 30 years of rigorous research, clinical trials and field testing that has proven results and is only part of the reason it is veterinary recommended.

Reasons to use:

  • Weak Hoof Wall (quarter cracks, toe cracks, sand cracks, brittle hoof wall or wall separation)
  • Recovery & Prevention of white line disease & crumbling horn
  • Soft Sole (especially horses prone to lameness from bruising)
  • Recovery from laminitis/founder (especially where there has been damage of the bond between hoof wall and coffin bone leading to rotation)

Feeding Instructions:
Farrier's Formula® Double Strength has twice the daily doses compared to the original formulation. 
Top dress, mix with regular feed or feed completely separately.
For the average 450kg horse on a loading dose, the 5kg bag lasts 60 days or 120 days when on the maintenance dose.

Adult Horses - Loading Dose
 Body Weight  Daily Quantity
225 kg 1/4 Cup (43 gm) per day
450 kg 1/2 Cup (85 gm) per day
680 kg 3/4 Cups (128 gm) per day
900 kg 1 Cup (170 gm) per day

Adult Horses - Maintenance
After feeding for 6 to 8 months and desired results have been achieved, the Adult Replenishment feeding level may be reduced by up to one half. If problems persist, resume feeding at the Adult Loading Dose.

Nursing Foals:
Feed 2 tablespoons (21g) per day.

Farrier's Formula® Double Strength is doping free and can be safely fed to competition horses.


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