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FurKidz Discovery Giant Lotus Mat

FurKidz Discovery Giant Lotus Mat

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Simply open the mat and hide your dogs favourite treats or kibble in the folds and then watch the fun. Your dog will do what dogs love to do most - sniff out food! 20 minutes of sniffing is as mentally and physically engaging as a 45 minute walk!
  • This handy mat is fantastic for hiding your dog’s favourite treats or food for scavenging entertainment
  • Stimulates your dog's sense of smell and hunting instincts
  • Promotes healthy exercise and makes your dog work hard for their reward
  • Slowing down mealtime and increased energy expenditure to retrieve the food can help your dog lose weight
  • It can also help to prevent bloat, indigestion, and stomach pain from eating too fast
  • Keeps your dog occupied and helps to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour as a result
  • The mat is made of soft and fluffy polyester material - perfect for burrowing fun!
  • Non-slip base keeps the mat in place
  • Easy to clean – machine washable 
  • By pulling the drawstring, the mat can roll up into a ball for storage or transport
  • It can also be hung or set aside when not in use


  • Outer: 57cm diameter
  • Flower: 48cm diameter x 11cm height 
  • Inner: 12cm diameter

Washing Instructions

  • Machine wash cold separately
  • Gentle cycle
  • Do not bleach 
  • Low heat tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean 
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