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Glandex Soft Chews

Glandex Soft Chews

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Boot the Scoot! It’s Time to Leave Your Dog’s Anal Gland Problems BEHIND.

Glandex® helps to support healthy anal gland function in pets and was created by veterinarians specifically for this problem.  Glandex® is the only product that targets the underlying causes of anal gland problems. 
 Made with all-natural premium ingredients including delicious tasting real peanut butter that your dog will love! Give as a treat once daily based on the weight of your dog.

Grain free with no corn, soy, or wheat! Contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Contains no animal proteins.


  • Supports healthy anal gland function in all-size dogs
  • Results in 3-5 weeks
  • Recommended by vets & vet specialists worldwide
  • Great tasting real peanut butter treat, easy once-daily dosing
  • All-natural premium ingredients including pumpkin seed, enzymes, & probiotics

How Glandex® Works

  • Unique formula works from the inside out to support healthy anal gland function
  • Contains the precise amount of fibre to help bulk & firm the stools to promote natural emptying of the anal glands
  • Natural anti-inflammatories that target underlying inflammation & allergies
  • Probiotics & digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract

    For use in dogs over 12 weeks of age.
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