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Long lasting independent play and foraging is a great way to mentally stimulate and tire your pooch out!

 The KONG Gyro is a unique toy that features a spinning ball in the centre of a sturdy ring. Twist off one half of the ball, and you can place your dog’s favourite treats or kibbles for meal time inside. When your dog rolls or flips the toy, kibbles fall out randomly, giving your furry friend a sweet surprise as they play.

With the static ring around the treat ball, it won’t roll away and makes it easy for your dog to play with. Cleverly designed to keep your dog’s attention while you’re away from home or busy with other tasks, the KONG Gyro is another fantastic and effective dog toy to add to your pet’s toybox!      


  • Mentally stimulating dog food dispenser for slowing down gobblers or entertaining while away
  • Fun spinning treat ball action that keeps dog intrigued and engaged
  • Easy twist-off ball to secure treats inside
  • Static ring that makes it easy to control movements and prevent ball from rolling away
  • Entertaining flip action that dogs love


Colour: Blue & Red Combo
Sizes Available: Large: 178mm (diameter), 102mm (height)

Long-lasting toy made from durable material for never-ending fun!

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