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Upgrade your dog’s treat-dispensing toys to the KONG Tikr Automated Timed Release Treat Dispenser Dog Toy!

The KONG Tikr is a great way to achieve extended periods of independent play and satisfy natural foraging behaviours.  This food/treat dispensing toy features a timed release function and auto-rotating treat holes that dispense treats or kibble to keep your dog guessing up to 45 minutes!  All you need to do is add the treats or kibble and twist the top to activate the timer! The Tikr Dog Treat Toy can also double as a fun slow feeder to help manage your dog’s eating habits and portions. Let the good times roll!

For maximum fun we recommend using a couple of different sizes of treats or kibbles at the same time.


  • Doesn’t require batteries or recharging for your convenience!
  • Safe and durable material
  • Auto-rotating treat holes that controls the releasing of treats or kibble
  • Provides up to 45 minutes of automated treat-dispensing entertainment
  • Easy twist function to activate the timer
  • Designed to roll and randomly dispense treats to encourage your pet’s natural foraging and hunting instincts  and help your pet engage in independent play
  • Interactive and automatic timed dog treat dispenser for slow feeding & playtime!
  • Mentally stimulating and entertaining treat-dispensing toy to help combat boredom
  • Ideal for all dogs to enjoy

Colour: Blue

Sizes Available:

Large (Approx. 17cm x 15.5cm)

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