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Virbac Rapigel is a clear muscle & joint relieving gel for horses and dogs which provides a cooling effect similar to an icepack.

  • RAPIGEL promotes a similar effect to an ice pack

    RAPIGEL is far more convenient to transport and can be used in situations where ice or cold hosing may be inconvenient or impossible.

  • Menthol in RAPIGEL is a widely recognised cooling agent when applied to the skin.

    Menthol is thought to stimulate the nerves that perceive cold and depress those that perceive pain. Specific nerve receptors respond in a similar manner to cold as they do to menthol. The menthol in RAPIGEL is an alternative or an additional aid to traditional cold therapy.

  • RAPIGEL relieves soreness due to over exertion, fatigue or bruising

    Menthol and camphor stimulate the circulation to damaged tissue when applied topically. This decreases the chance of bruises forming when applied early and may assist in the removal of dead blood cells once a bruise has formed.

Key Features:

  • Australian Made!
  • Muscle & joint relieving gel for horses & dogs
  • Clean, convenient and easy cold therapy to relieve pain & muscle soreness without the icepack!
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons
  • May be used to assist warm up, helping to prevent exercise induced injuries
  • Can be used to aid recovery from intense exercise or overexertion
  • May assist in repair of both acute and chronic joint & tendon injuries by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation
  • Clear gel formula leaves no sticky residue

Active Ingredients: Menthol 20mg/g, Camphor 6.25mg/g, Isopropyl Alcohol 350mg/g

Directions for use:
Rapigel should be used at full strength and applied liberally to the affected area and rubbed in gently – both prior to and after exercise workout.

This product may contain ingredients that contravene the prohibited substances regulations in racing and competition jurisdictions. Users are strongly encouraged to check with the respective authority and their veterinarian prior to the use of any medication.

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