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Royal Canin Hematuria Detection by Blücare 2 x 20g

Royal Canin Hematuria Detection by Blücare 2 x 20g

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Cats are not great at telling us when they feel unwell which can make getting early treatment for diseases difficult. Royal Canin's new Hematuria Detection kit now allows for  easy and early detection of blood in your cats' urine. Early detection and intervention can help limit serious consequences for urinary tract infections, stress cystitis, urinary crystals and FLUTD.

Most feline urinary conditions tend to re-occur after one episode - in fact, approximately 50% of cats that experience one episode of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) will have a recurrence.
HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare is a white litter granule that can be sprinkled over a cat’s litter tray. If the granules change colour from white to blue when the cat urinates on them, this indicates the presence of haematuria and signals to the pet owner that it is time to take their cat to the vet.
HEMATURIA DETECTION has been designed to ease the at-home monitoring for the detection of blood in your cat’s urine. 



  • Allows detection of blood in the urine, even small amounts invisible to the naked eye
  • Easy to add granules to your cat’s existing litter
  • Results visible within seconds and remain visible for 48 hours
  • A urinary test in the comfort of your cat's home environment


Royal Canin HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare can be used with most litters available on the market. For best detection and interpretation of the results, a clay- based (bentonite) clumping litter should be used.

If the granules are WHITE or YELLOW, this is a negative result and no blood was detected in your cat’s urine.

When the granules are BLUE, consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible, as it means blood is likely present in your cat’s urine.

In some cases with concentrated urine that also contains blood, the granules might appear to be GREEN in colour which may also indicate a positive result and your veterinarian should be consulted.


PACK WEIGHT: 2 x 20g pouches

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