Urine Off (Cat & Kitten) 500 ml

Urine Off (Cat & Kitten) 500 ml

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If you're looking to properly clean up urine, it needs to be an enzymatic cleaner! Even if you can't smell it, our furry friends can smell the uric acid that may have been left behind even after cleaning with other disinfectants.

This is an essential for house holds managing behavioural marking, stress spraying or inappropriate elimination.

Urine Off is specially formulated to remove near impossible urine odours and stains permanently. It uses a combination of naturally occurring micro organisms and their enzymes to absorb the uric acid crystals which produce the pungent urine smell. Urine Off is a revolutionary biotechnology product which has been awarded USDA BioPreferred designation as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.

  • Urine removal spray
  • Can be used on hard (eg. tiles, walls, counters) and soft surfaces (eg. carpet, curtains, cushions)
  • Specially formulated to remove urine odours & stains
  • For cat & kitten urine removal


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