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West Paw Seaflex™ - Drifty

West Paw Seaflex™ - Drifty

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Make fetching and catching fun with your dog safe and exciting with the West Paw Drifty Stick Dog Toy!

The West Paw Drifty Dog Toy is a new “catch” your dog will love! Made from eco-friendly, recycled Seaflex™ material, the Drifty is designed with West Paw’s exclusive zero-waste Zogoflex, reclaimed ocean plastic, and no latex, phthalates or BPAs - giving you and your pet an environmentally conscious toy that’s fun and versatile. The Drifty is cleverly shaped like a bone for easy carrying, catching, and chewing and features bulbous ends that your dog will enjoy. This dog toy can float in water so that you and your dog can have plenty of entertaining activities on land and in the water!


  • Versatile bone-shaped dog toy made with exclusive recycled, eco-friendly Seaflex™ material
  • Flexible, yet durable, texture that supports your dog’s moderate chewing and biting
  • Non-squeaky toy for noiseless entertainment indoors or outdoors
  • Features chunky ends that are designed for more satisfying chewing
  • Buoyant and lightweight toy for fun on land and in the water!
  • Free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex - non-toxic for dogs
  • Unique swirl design - every bone has its own pattern
  • Made in the USA and FDA compliant

*Note: Not for unsupervised power chewers.

Materials: Seaflex™ (88% Zogoflex, 12% reclaimed ocean plastic)

Sizes Available:
Small: 14.5cm x 4.5 cm
Large: 21.5cm x 5 cm

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